Book Two Word Mastery


Word Mastery builds upon the principles of the ear, tongue, and eye training students received in Letter Mastery through a logical and structured progression that allows you the freedom to move at your child’s individual pace. 

Students begin to further their understanding of the spelling patterns that words typically follow through continued practice with copywork and the introduction of diacritical marks. These marks help a child internalize the pronunciation of letter sounds, blends, and vowel teams, a skill that will assist them in both reading and spelling new words as they encounter them. 

Common Phonics Patterns and Skills taught in Word Mastery:

  • short and long vowel sounds
  • Silent E
  • Syllables
  • Consonant Twins
  • Consonant Couples
  • Consonant Blends
  • Bossy R
  • Vowel Friends
  • Vowel Couples
  • Special sounds of S, G, and C
  • Peculiar sounds of vowel teams
  • Suffixes and Word Endings
  • Silent Letters

Word Mastery is a comprehensive language arts program for grades K-5. No need for a separate teacher’s manual, a separate reader, or lots of moving pieces to keep up with. Everything you need to teach your child to ready easily and enjoyably is included in one place. Upon completion of the lessons in this book, your child will have learned to read over three thousand words! 

Research has shown that a child learns best through a multi-sensory approach, so every lesson in this course was designed to incorporate multiple senses and learning styles. This approach (based on the Orton-Gillingham method) builds stronger pathways in a child’s brain, promotes retention, and provides added meaning to every concept taught. 

Daily lessons in Word Mastery feature: 

  • Carefully curated word family boxes to help students understand the connection between spelling patterns and commonly used pronunciations for the patterns in words that look similar. 
  • Reading selections specifically tailored to the word families and concepts children have already learned to build both fluency and confidence.  
  • Copywork with words and sentences to practice newly learned patterns and to learn proper sentence structure and punctuation. 
  • Practice marking the proper diacritical marks for long and short vowel sounds, as well as denoting special sounds like buzzing s or silent e to help the student internalize the correct pronunciation of words.
  • Mastery Milestone Challenges at the end of every chapter that offer a fun incentive to celebrate all your child’s hard work and to ensure that they’ve mastered a concept before moving on to more advanced phonics patterns. 

        Word Mastery is a one-of-a-kind complete phonics course that takes the stress out of teaching your children to read and ignites a lifelong love of learning that will benefit them for many years to come! 


        • Word Families
        • Syllables
        • Punctuation
        • Rich Vocabulary
        • Meaningful Copywork
        • Delightful Literature

        Ideal for

        • Grades K-5
        • Struggling Readers
        • Any Learning Style
        • Busy Moms & Teachers

        Ensures Mastery of

        • Word Decoding
        • Phonics Pattern Recognition
        • Independent Reading


        • 271 Page Spiral-Bound Workbook
        • 16 Phonetically Arranged Chapters