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Foundational Phonics

At the heart of Foundational Phonics is a desire to teach children both the how and why of reading while also taking the stress and mystery out of teaching your child to read.

Inspired by the work of phonics pioneer Florence Akin, our organized, systematic approach to the explicit and structured teaching of phonics provides a gentle framework to guide your child from learning beginning letters to reading complete words and sentences. A variety of multi-sensory activities, fun learning games, and beautiful illustrations in every lesson offer extra layers of support to help strengthen and solidify each concept as it’s taught, without overwhelming the child.

Foundational Phonics allows the mother-teacher to confidently demonstrate the natural relationship between sounds, letters, words, and sentences to their children. As sounds and syllables are brought to life in their natural context, word families, sentences, and stories begin to connect organically with the principles of handwriting, spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Letter Mastery (Book One) offers the child an opportunity to interact with all 26 letters of the alphabet through an array of activities that appeal to multiple learning styles. Wholesome illustrations and sweet beginning sentences help to further their grasp of how letters build words and how those words form complete statements.

Word Mastery (Book Two) deepens a child’s understanding of the relationship between letters, words, and sentences as they learn more about the predictable patterns that larger words follow. Instead of learning an endless amount of rules, along with multiple exceptions to those rules, your child will become immersed in these common spelling patterns as they learn to read and begin to naturally recognize them.

All instructions, reading selections, copywork, literature suggestions, and activities are provided within the lessons, so there’s no need for a scripted teacher’s manual, a separate student reader, hours of prep work, or distracting manipulatives.

Foundational Phonics provides everything a mother needs to teach her child to read, simply and enjoyably, and will help to instill a love a reading in your child that will benefit them for a lifetime.

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A young child looks at a phonics curriculum page

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