Foundational Phonics

​Foundational Phonics is a one of a kind, mom friendly program that takes the mystery and stress out of teaching a child to read. It combines the proven methods of the original phonics pioneers with an engaging multisensory approach. With no need for scripted teacher’s manuals, extra manipulatives or prep work, parents and grandparents can confidently guide their child’s journey to reading success. The natural progression from learning letters and their sounds to reading with confidence is not interrupted by overstimulation or busywork, but instead enhanced by delightful black and white drawings, and the careful application of purposeful activity in a gentle, step-by-step method that appeals to any learning style. As sounds and syllables are brought to life in their natural context, word families, sentences and stories come together with the principles of handwriting, spelling, and punctuation to make reading fun and exciting.

“For the mind does not require filling like a pail, but rather, like wood, it only requires kindling to create in it an impulse to think independently ​and an ardent desire for the truth.” ​ – Plutarch