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Some children begin Word Mastery without having the solid foundation of Letter Mastery under their belts. Many have not been exposed to a wide variety of fonts and are only familiar with the typical “ball and stick” style font common in most preschool level books. In Book One, many types of fonts are quietly introduced for this very reason. By gently exposing children to the fact that letters can vary in style yet remain the same, we broaden their ability to recognize the many different forms that letters assume in the real world. One set of these cards is always included in Book One, but parents find it helpful to have an extra set for even more word and sentence building, as a replacement for lost cards, or for students who start in Book Two, and are unfamiliar with the italic hand used throughout this program. For best results, select pages 2-11 and print double sided on cardstock.

¨ Every letter of the alphabet (capital and lowercase on each side, vowels in red.)
¨ Sight words “I” x 3
¨ Sight words “a” x 3
¨ Sight words “the” x 4
¨ Sight words “to” x 4
¨ Sight words “of” x 4

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