New Edition Announcement

We are very pleased to announce that the newest edition of Book Two: Word Mastery is set to be released in early August!

The new edition is even more comprehensive than the last, while still using an organized, open and go, mom-friendly format. It gently and systematically teaches traditional phonics by starting with simple ideas and progressing to more complex concepts one step at a time. The multi-sensory approach reinforces it all with simple copywork and fun activities and helps link logical word patterns to interesting stories that students can read right away. It ensures that students have all the tools they need to sound out and read practically any word they come across.

Foundational Phonics is also great for remedial readers who lack a solid foundation in phonics or need a little extra support to fill any gaps they may have. It provides a clear roadmap for mothers to teach their children without the need for scripted lessons. Best of all, it teaches a love for learning by inspiring curiosity and confidence.

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Ariel Gunther Mount

Ariel Gunther Mount

Wife, mother, second generation home educator, author of Foundational Phonics.